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From the parks of Nunavik
to biographical investigations
in French Africa.
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Whatever the topic you’re interested in, since 1998, gives you access to thousands of publications in the humanities and social sciences.


Since we’re never too Érudit, we’ve proudly developed a new version of our platform to better serve the current needs of our users and provide dynamic solutions scalable to future needs.

made better



Whether on your computer, tablet, or phone, the new Érudit platform provides a more enjoyable experience thanks to a completely revised interface.


More open
than ever

Developed from open source technologies, the new platform offers a corpus in which 95% of the publications are available in open access.


A host of
new services

The new platform is well suited to implementing new functionalities for users in 2017 and beyond: new reading formats, discovery tools, optimized management tools for subscribing institutions and publishers.

Érudit but
still a bit “beta”.

The platform will be improved throughout 2017. Until then, the original platform will still be accessible for services that have not yet been incorporated. Detect a bug? Please post it on our site or send it to us by e-mail.

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